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PT. Duta Karya Abadi Marine is the one of Indonesian Company which has business to supply the manpower of seafarers of all level of qualification, both for domestic and international employer for all types of vessels. Our seafarers must be selected through strict test, interview and only the capable candidates will be accepted. We are always ready to provide you the manpower of seafarers according to your needs. We ensure that our seafarers have capabilities that can be relied to perform and complete the job regarding to his rank, for your satisfaction; because we do not will to accept them who have not experiences in their field yet. Charge for hiring the seafarers through our company are reasonable and competitive where our charge are made on the equal condition for all level of recruitments, i.e. the candidate of employee must be capable in their respective rank and obey to the regulations of the employer Finally we will always ready to supply the professional manpower of seafarers and they are ready for use i.e. From the lowest rank until the rank of master according to your necessity with the result that our relationship can be conserved in good condition always.