Message from Director

We, PT. Duta Karya Abadi Marine, as one of manning agency who have the passion to contribute and secure the recruitment of the professional manpower of seafarers, for the foreign shipping companies all over the world and also included the domestic shipping companies. Our staff member have experiences in this field and also have experiences as seafarer before, even there is whoever as teacher in some maritime education. Be sides that PT. Duta Karya Abadi Marine are also as the providing-service that covering the consistent training of seafarers according to STCW 1978 amendment 1995 and the last amendment in Manila Convention 2010 . We have the co-operation and the fixed meeting with lot of the non-government maritime education, including the good relationship with the government education institution, trained our seafarers, not only for their professionalism but also for their personality. Therefore our manpower of seafarers will secure your vessel to grow up to development your expecting. And we promise to ensure you that we will to supply for your vessel the qualified and good conduct Indonesian seafarers.