PT. Duta Karya Abadi Marine is as a crewing supply the manpower of seafarers to working on board of all types of vessel, such as General Cargo. Bulk Carrier, Container, Reefer Cargo, Product Tanker, LPG Tanker, Chemical / Oil Tanker, Fishing Vessel, AHT / AHTS, Crew Boat, Passenger Vessels and etc. We manage and prepared our seafarers to works in domestic or international trade area for all range from the lowest until highest rank, and from the small ship until the biggest ship. Based on your request to hire the manpower of the seafarers, we identified the suitable and shortlist of the seafarer according their specification to be selected to fit your needs. And we always provides a medical records of the seafarers. The period of the seafarers working contract can be negotiate to fulfill your needs; however, the length of contract period is about six months for domestic clients and one year for overseas client. We welcome to met you for discuss and supporting what do you need so that you can get the harmonious cooperation between our company and your company for our satisfaction together. Our company will be waiting the information or contract from your company anytime, to make the Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU for agreement ) to supply the manpower of seafarers soonest.

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*all based 1000 crew test on Duta Karya Abadi Marine


Introducing Duta Karya Abadi Marine

With this opportunity we would like to introduce our company who offers your a qualified crew member from Jakarta-Indonesia for the part or complete ship’s crew : at Deck Side, Engine Side, and for Catering department. In principle, the crew member arranged by us is experienced and trained with completed vocational training. The qualification is […]

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Message from Director

We, PT. Duta Karya Abadi Marine, as one of manning agency who have the passion to contribute and secure the recruitment of the professional manpower of seafarers, for the foreign shipping companies all over the world and also included the domestic shipping companies. Our staff member have experiences in this field and also have experiences […]

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About History | Brief History

PT. Duta Karya Abadi Marine is the one of Indonesian Company which has business to supply the manpower of seafarers of all level of qualification, both for domestic and international employer for all types of vessels. Our seafarers must be selected through strict test, interview and only the capable candidates will be accepted. We are […]

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Crewing & Manning
With the best people in our company, we will give and helps you to decide and find the perfect seafarer according to your needs.
Ship Management
Leave to us, to manage your ship, your crew and all your needs to go. We supply full or partial crews to Ship Owners and Managers who like to manage their own ship.


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